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Pan fried Duck with walnuts & pomegranate sauce
Pan fried Duck with walnuts & pomegranate sauce
Recipe By Alireza Sarrafan
Ingredients :
* 4 tbsp Pomegranate molasses
* Oil 2 tbsp
* 4 Pieces of Duck breast
* 400g Walnuts (Finely Grounded)
* 1 Large onion (finely chopped)
* Bouquet Garnet made with thyme/rosemary (optional)
* 4 tbsp Sugar
* 300 ml chicken broth/stock
* 1 tbsp Lemon juice

How To Make

Duck breast with Persian sweet & sour walnuts and pomegranate sauce. This is my take on a persian dish called Fesenjoon. A sweet and sour sauce made from walnut and pomegranate molasses. Traditionally serve with rice and duck but now days people cook it with chickens or even meatballs. In the original recipe, you have to cook the meat in the sauce for at least one hour and to be honest the meat might get dry sometimes. so thats why i changed it a bit and cook the sauce separately and serve it this way! I have panfried the duck breast & rendered the fat on a medium heat and served the duck slightly pink (medium rare) on top of the sauce and a bed of caramelised red onion. For the sauce I would suggest to get a persian pomegranate molasses as it is much better but if you cant then balance the sauce with adding a bit more sugar. . The sauce is super easy & tasty and goes very well with duck .This is a perfect dish for dinner parties and you can serve the dish with mash potato, caramelised red onion and green beans !