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Tahchin with chicken
Tahchin with chicken
Recipe By Sahar Lowe
Tahchine Morgh (Tahchin with chicken) Tahchin (Persian saffron rice cake) is a tasty and elegant Persian dish made of either chicken or beef with aubergine. Chicken Tahchin is the more popular dish in Iran possibly because it is easier and less time consuming to prepare. The dish consists of a layer of rice mixed with yogurt, egg yolk and saffron, a layer of marinated chicken in yogurt and saffron, topped with a second layer of rice mixed with yogurt, egg yolk and saffron. The dish is cooked in an oven or on a low heat stove and when ready turned upside down on to a platter. The golden-brown crunchy top of the rice cake is known as tahdig meaning ‘bottom of the pot’.
Ingredients :
salt and pepper
1cup plain whole yogurt
50g butter
½ cup brewed saffron (1 tsp saffron powder in ½ cup of hot water)
1/4cup dried barberries, pistachio and almond slices (for garnish)
1,1/2cup basmati rice
2tbsp olive/veg oil
2 egg yolks
3tbsp salt
1cup cooked chicken (sheredded)

How To Make

1      In a medium bowl mix yogurt and 2 tbsp brewed saffron, salt and pepper, add cooled cooked chicken and marinate in the fridge for at least one hour 2      Rinse rice and soak in water with 2 tbsp of salt for at least for 30 mins then strain 3      In a medium pot pour 4-5 cups of water, bring to boil over high heat, add strained rice and boil. After a few minutes try one of rice grains (in the same way when cooking pasta); the rice grain should be "al dante". Then drain the rice 4      Strain the chicken and retain marinating mixture in a large bowl 5      Add oil and egg yolks to the marinate mixture and whisk until smooth 6      Add strained rice to yogurt mixture with 1 tbsp saffron and gently mix 7      Grease a non-stick oven proof pot with oil or 10g melted butter 8      Add half of rice mixture to the pot and press with back of spoon, making sure to fill the edges 9      Add chicken on top of rice then top with the rest of rice mixture, press down with back of spoon 10    Spread 40g of small pieces of butter over top layer of rice 11    Cover the pot with a lid or foil and cook in preheated over at 180c for 75 minutes or on low heat stove for at least 45 minutes To serve Place a platter larger than your pot over the pot and turn upside down so the Tahchine falls onto the platter. Garnish with stir fried barberries, pistachio and almond slices Tips 1      if cooking on a stove, first use a medium-high heat for two mins, add warm water inside the pot around the outside of the rice and let it steam; then lower the heat, cover the lid with a clean tea towel and let steam for 45 minutes 2      it is very important to use a non-stick and suitable pot; grease whole pot including corners and edges. When adding rice press it down using the back of a spoon so that when cooked the rice flips over easily and doesn’t crack 3      for a beautifully shaped Tahchine, before flipping make sure the middle of rice is cooked; insert a skewer into the middle of rice, it should come out clean